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Theresa Clark, Certified Rolfer™
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“I went in thinking that this was going to hurt…ALOT. Boy was I wrong. Terri was gentle and let my level of comfort determine our sessions. She was able to get the same results with minimal pain. YAHOO!”

– Lynn, Accountant and aspiring chef


“I can’t believe how incredible I feel! I feel better than I did in my early 20’s. Everytime I get off the table I am amazed at the years of stress that Theresa peels away. She is like a magic eraser! I am pain free, have more energy than ever and I enjoy life again. Thank you Theresa!”

– Steve, 50-something marathon runner


“Rolfing changed the way I dance. I am truly a better partner and choreographer now. My old injuries no longer dictate my dance moves.”

– Dina, Studio Owner and choreographer


“It’s like magic. Terri has the golden touch. I have never felt so flexible and fluid in my body!”

– Barry, Designer and Artist

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