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About Rolfing

rolfing-client1Rolfing® Structural Integration (SI) was developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf. It is a hands-on body therapy that restores the body’s experience of resilience, balance and ease by lengthening and reshaping fascia (connective tissue) which is a vital component of structure and movement. Trauma, injury and chronic overuse can cause restrictions in connective tissue, leading to pain, further injury, or a sense of anxiety (unease). Through a systematic series of sessions, a skilled practitioner unwinds these restrictions and lengthens the body, making possible an experience of bodily comfort, grace, and effortless movement.

What Can You Gain?

Anyone can begin sessions at any age. People who receive SI have reported a wide variety of lasting benefits including but not limited to: relief from chronic pain, greater range of motion, ease of movement, a taller more graceful feeling, a feeling of lightness and youthfulness, and increased balance and awareness. Rolfing is also an excellent way to sustain an aging body so that it can pursue and enjoy physical activities.

What To Expect

Be prepared to be up and moving. The goal of Rolfing® is to help integrate the bodywork into your daily activities. Therefore, not all of the work is done on the table. A client often times receives work while in a seated position or is asked to get up and walk in order to asses the progress of the session. In many modalities of bodywork, it is easy to make someone feel good when they are on a treatment table. Integrating the table work into sitting, standing and moving is a different thing altogether. This distinguishes Rolfing from other modalities of therapy.

As far as what to wear…Dress to your level of comfort. It is helpful for the Rolfer to be able to see your body so excessive layers are not appropriate. Suggestions for women are a sports bra and underwear or shorts. For men, briefs, boxers or boxer briefs are fine. It is possible to work through clothing so please dress to however you feel comfortable.

Can You Get Just A Couple Of Sessions?

Although the hallmark of Rolfing is a standardized “recipe” known as the Ten Series, Rolfing has been known to be highly effective after just a couple of treatments. Sessions can absolutely be catered to the goals and needs of each individual.

Most people can feel the benefits of Rolfing after just one treatment. It is effective in restoring movement and range of motion post injury and aids in returning to normal daily life sooner. Work related injuries, car accidents, repetitive stress injuries, daily ware and tare, lifelong injuries and birth related injuries, Rolfing can oftentimes help clients feel better with just one session.

The Ten Series

The goal of the Ten Series is to systematically balance and optimize both the structure (shape) and function (movement) of the entire body over the course of ten Rolfing sessions.

In the Ten Series, each session builds upon the previous session. Each session focuses on freeing restrictions or holdings trapped in a particular region of the body. A practitioner also maintains a holistic view of the client”s entire system during each session, thus ensuring the transformational process evolves in a comfortable, balanced and harmonious way. For a detailed description of each session, please feel free to contact me directly.

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